Cole and Sav

Hey Y’all! So I would like to talk about one of the cutest couples in my opinion… Cole and Savannah LaBrant. You may recognize Cole from Vine and Savannah and her daughter Everleigh from They are a very young married couple and Savannah has a daughter from when she was 19. The best thing about them is they show their love for God through their relationship and also on social media. They are truly the ultimate relationship goals! They also keep it super real by addressing the fact that people think they are crazy for getting married so young!

If you have never seen their vlogs I recommend you check them out on youtube. They post videos every Monday and Wednesday. Also in their blogs, Everleigh and their dog Carl are always spotted! So I am sure you are wondering why I am talking about them on my blog. Well not to mention they are the most adorable couple, Savannah just started her very own fashion line that is to die for! She has clothes for women, teens, and even matching mom-daughter outfits. Also there is a Christmas sale going on right now and you do not want to miss this! Here is the link to the website! Happy shopping! xoxo


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