Virginia is for Lovers

I took a spontaneous trip home this weekend to see the Nutcracker performed by my old dance studio! The road trip was long, but definitely worth it! We stopped for a potty break when we hit the Virginia state line at a rest stop. It came to my attention, when I saw the “LOVE” letters in front of the rest stop, that I have never taken a photo with our cliche Virginia theme. Many of you have probably heard the phrase “Virginia is for lovers.” All around different places in Virginia, you will find items sporting that phrase or the letters of L-O-V-E. So after 19 years of living in Virginia, I got my very own LOVE photo!

It was chilly when we arrived in Virginia. I kept my outfit comfy and simple for the 7 hour journey. I wore a pair of burgundy J Brand jeans, A scalloped neck gray shirt from Altar’d State, a charcoal Barbour Coat, bean boots, and my Warby Parker glasses. I apologize for the appearance of my hair and face, I look like I got hit by a train. But does anyone look good after that many hours in the car? xoxo


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