Weekly Skinny: 11/29/17

Hey y’all! I thought I would start giving this weekly update a try! I know it is only Hump Day, but this week has already been insane! I have had a verbal exam for Spanish, a Biology test, a lab test, and multiple 35 page readings for Political Science. Not to mention, all the catching up I have had to due to get back on schedule after Thanksgiving break! I currently have a laundry mountain waiting for me at home. Can you say coffee?


So I have some exciting news! My lovely boyfriend purchased me a Canon Rebel T6i and he will be here tomorrow night with the camera in tow! I was a little upset his gifts are much more extravagant than mine, but he insisted on me accepting. So the blog photos will soon be on another level. Even though I was just home for Thanksgiving, I am heading back home this weekend for my favorite holiday traditions! My old dance studio is doing the Nutcracker and my mom is the costumer and my best friend is a choreographer. Of course I cannot miss that! On top of the Nutcracker my hometown’s Christmas parade is on Saturday! What types of things does your family and hometown do for the holidays?


After next week I may not be blogging all that much. I have a finals week craze and packing (more like overpacking) for my trip to NYC on December 18! I will have my new camera and will be sure to take way too many pictures. What things do you suggest to see or do in NYC at Christmas? After my trip to NYC, I will be heading home for the holidays! Over the holiday break I will be spending time with my family, friends, and my boyfriend. Which reminds me, what kind of holiday blogs do you guys want to see? I would love any suggestions in the comments!


Also for those of you asking, I am loving being back in ballet. My injury is recovering well and my body overall feels great! Ballet class during the week is a great outlet and gives me the adrenaline I need. I would be happy to share some ballet pictures very soon and share a little secret about my ballet future! Xoxo


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