My Daily Makeup Routine

Hey y’all! So many of you have expressed interest in learning about my daily make up routine… per your request here it goes.

1. I take off all my make up with the neutropenia wipes.

2. I wash my face with clearasil every day face wash. (Not pictured)

3. I put green concealer on certain scars or darker places on my face and blend it with my beauty blender.

4. I put on my normal concealer under my eyes, under my eyebrows, and on the bridge of my nose.

5. I usually use bare minerals, but today I used a different foundation for more coverage. I have been sick so the dark circles are real.

6. Then I contour with my Anastasia palette. I especially accent my cheeks.

7. I use my naked palettes. I have all 3 so it depends on my mood. Today I used the naked 2. I used tease on my lid and pistol on my crease. As you can see my palettes are well loved so I actually have a second naked 2.

8. I use clear mascara by maybelline to separate my lashes and then I curl them.

9. After that I use the eyelash primer They’re Real! By benefit.

10. My mascara choices also change depending on my mood. Today I went for the covergirl hydrofuge.

11. I use an eyebrow pencil to darken and define my eyebrows.

12. Lastly, I finished with a nude lipgloss.

And here is the finished product! xoxo

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