Style Icon: Sarah Vickers

If you know me at all, you know I am shamelessly obsessed with Sarah Vickers. The day someone told me I kind of looked like her was the best day… even though I see no resemblance. I have decided to take this dreary Monday morning and brighten it up by talking about her fashion and how I want to own everything in her closet. Not to mention her adorable new baby boy!

She embodies the perfect New England preppy style. Her closet is filled with button downs, sweaters, loafers, pearls, Lilly Pulitzer, and every other clothing dream of mine. She flawlessly wears tortoise sunglasses, which obviously I then got a pair for myself. One day I aspire to dress as impeccably as she does, but for right now my college budget cannot support my expensive taste or clothing fetish. I mean yesterday I could have spent the equivalent of a down payment on my college tuition while online shopping. That was until the reality of my three digit bank account amount brought me back to reality. So instead, I will live vicariously through some of my favorite of her looks and save my bank account some overdraft troubles.

Sarah Vickers up close.jpg

Her dark hair with her flawless red lip really speaks my language in this photo. Unfortunately, I was not gifted with peachy colored skin so red lipstick looks horrible on me. However, my favorite part of this look has to be the tortoise sunglasses with the statement earrings. These sunglasses for some reason speak Jackie-O to me and that is something to strive for.


This picture is very similar to a picture I have of myself. This cozy flannel and messy bun is what dressing nice day looks like in college. Somehow she still rocks the look better than I ever will.


The last look I will talk about today is this outfit featuring the baby bump. I currently have an obsession with leopard print shoes and I have never been a big fan of animal print. I am currently drooling over a leopard print pair of booties at Target that I just have to have. I love the muted neutrals mixed with the accented leopard print. This whole outfit needs to find its way to my closet.

Now that I am done obsessing I will let you guys in on a little secret. I applied on Friday to be a Kiel James Patrick campus rep here at USC! That does not by any means say I will get it, but here is to hoping! xoxo

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