Just Beauty, No Beast

I took a trip to Sephora this weekend to drool over all the make up I want and need. As I walked around the store I realized I owned a lot of the items in the store or I did at some point. I decided I would show you some make up I have tried and loved and even some I am dying to try.

  1. Anastasia Aurora Glow Kit $40; These highlighters shades resemble the unicorn highlighter, but in a more subtle manner. The shades are brilliantly photographed with and without flash. I have tried this palette, but I am dying to own one myself. You can get the Anastasia Glow Kit here.glow paletteglow swatches.JPG
  2. Naked 1 Palette $54; I got this palette the day it came out and I have been using it ever since. The colors are perfect for my skin tone. I do not use eyeliner so I am all about a bold eyeshadow look. You can find the Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette here.naked 1.JPG
  3. Naked 2 Palette $54; I am a very big fan of Urban Decay in general, but I cannot get enough of their eyeshadows. The pigmentation is fabulous and I have no issues with drop off when applying. My eyeshadow does not come off and it does not crease. You can find the palette here.naked 2
  4. Naked Palette 3 $54; This is my favorite of all the palettes. I cannot get enough of the beiges and light peachy pinks. These shades make both my skin color and eye color pop. You can find the palette here.naked 3.JPG
  5. Bare Minerals Original Foundation Powder $29; I have been using this powder since the 7th grade. It has enough coverage, it does not feel heavy, and it does not break me out. It covers all shininess and is super affordable. You can find it here.powder
  6. Benefit They’re Real! Tinted Lash Primer $24; I have been using this for a little over 2 years. I was introduced to this product in a Birchbox and have loved it every since. It lengthens and separates my eyelashes before I put on my actual mascara. You can find it here.mascara.JPG



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