The Preppy Commandments

Thou shalt not wear cargo pants.

11-27-2012 2-20-16 PM copy

Thou shalt monogram everything in sight.


Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s Lilly Pulitzer print.


Thou shalt idolize Kiel James Patrick and Sarah Vickers’ wardrobes.


Thou shalt never choose a necktie over a bow tie.

e996b61b7ed084acc03227b634f98516.jpgThou shalt not be afraid to wear seersucker.

4-6a010535d07789970c011570cda8b3970b-1024x576.jpgThou shalt not have a Vineyard Vines pink whale sticker and claim to be a true prep.

5A0091.650.a.zoomThou shalt always wear navy over black.

B4xPJBVCAAA4lFrThou shalt always wear a horse, alligator, skipjack, whale, etc. logo on their chest whenever possible.



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