Wash Away Your Troubles With Some Bubbles

Ever since I can remember I have absolutely LOVED the bath! I often took my bath for granted and now being in my second year of college miss my bath tub more than my bed at home. Being a ballerina, a wannabe adult, and a student, a bath always sounds so rewarding. After a long day of classes and ballet rehearsals I can only imagine the bliss of a bath. Every break when I come home I take as many baths as possible. I have to admit that I have a bit of a bath bomb problem. I get my bath bombs from Lush, Ladyburg in my hometown, and sometimes even Target. Of course me being as basic as I am, have taken pictures of all my favorite bath bombs. I will not take the time to tell you what everyone is, but feel free to ask! So that being said, if you are lucky enough to have a bath tub… take one for me too!


bomb 1bomb 3Processed with VSCO with c1 presetbomb 6bomb 7bomb 8bomb 9bomb 5.JPGbomb 2.JPG

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