Shake Ya Pom Poms

Another day and another morning I dread getting out of my bed. This Monday I was feeling particularly exhausted and unmotivated. I decided to get myself in gear and make my appearance nice. I mean they say you look how you feel… so I decided to give it a try. I was not in the mood to wear a dress and thank goodness I didn’t because the wind was uncontrollable. I decided to pair American Eagle white jeans with a denim off the shoulder top that is trimmed with multicolor pom poms. The shirt was a steal at a local boutique in my hometown and never fails to solicit a compliment! I finished the look with white linen and gold Jack Rogers from Monkees of Columbia, SC. I kept the jewelry simple with pearl earrings and my mother of pearl Pandora ring.pom pom

Once again I only have a horrible quality mirror picture, but give me a break! I was suffering a serious case of the Monday Blues! After getting all dressed and ready I was feeling better. I tackled Monday with confidence and vigor. I am going to make a point to dress up every Monday to start my week off the right way!


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