Keep Calm and Lilly On

I have stumbled upon a new favorite shop here in Columbia. I am only a sophomore and as a timid little Freshman last year, I did not venture off campus very often. This year I have made a point to adventure more around Columbia. Of course my first mission is… SHOPPING!! I am often told I dress like a preppy country club mom and I am completely content with that. So that being said, I went out in search of a Lilly Pulitzer store. I found a store called Pink Sorbet and I fell in love. In fact, I just applied to work there. How could I have gone to school here for over a year and not known there was a Lilly store less than 10 minutes from my door?

The moment I walked into the store I started collecting sale items I just had to have. The store is adorably decorated and as I always say, the clothing were speaking my language. After telling myself I could not spend my college tuition at the store I settled for a scarf, a skirt, a phone case, and an elephant change purse. Of course I did not leave the store without documenting my favorite features. If you find yourself in Columbia or just South Carolina in general, I strongly encourage you to visit the most perfect, little Lilly store!


lilly 1lilly 5.JPGlilly 4.JPGlilly 3.JPGlilly 2.JPG

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