I Like Big Mugs and I Cannot Lie

Here I am back again with another shameful obsession. My cabinet in the kitchen is completely filled with mugs and water bottles. I find myself always buying a mug. I can never leave the kitchenware aisle without buying a mug! I am often getting ready for class up to the very last minute before I absolutely have to go, resulting in me often carrying my mug of coffee to class. I mean if I am going to carry a mug let’s at least make it a cute one. I actually am so obsessed that I have a set on pinterest completely dedicated to mugs! As for the water bottles, they are so handy when walking around our extremely hilly campus, hitting the gym, or going to dance class. I have only taken a few pictures of my mugs and water bottles because I am not fully ready for you guys to experience my out of control obsession. Ok so without further ado, my favorites…


This mug was $3 at Target and screams cuddling on the couch with some movies.

mug 2

This mug was $6 at Target and a friend bought it for me for the sole purpose of mocking me on my early mornings.

mug 3

This Messy Hair Don’t Care mug is from Target as well and describes my naturally curly morning hair.

mug 4

These mugs are reusable and plastic. They come in 5 packs at Target.

mug 8

My Lilly Pulitzer swell bottle is a staple for me. I love it and it keeps my drinks so cold!

mug 10

This mug is actually one I bought at Pier 1 for my best friend, but of course I wanted to keep it for myself.


This was also a $3 snag from Target


For all the Grey’s Anatomy fans this one is for you. $10 at Target… you can thank me later.

IMG_4325 (1)

This is my Camelbak covered in Redbubble stickers.



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