From Homeless to Hotness

Occasionally. I wake up in a mood to suddenly switch my norts and oversized t-shirt look to a dress or something more fashionable. Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer and lover of athletic clothes for those dreaded 8:30 a.m.s! However, sometimes on test days I like to dress a little fancy. I know it seems crazy, but I think dressing up and doing my make up makes me feel more prepared and ready to tackle the test in front of me. I was in such a rush and state of procrastination, so I only snapped one quick mirror picture. I apologize for the quality of this picture and as you can tell from the pile of decorative pillows in the background I did not even accomplish the daily task of making my bed. I was running on two hours of sleep and coffee in an IV, but dressing up made me feel professional and prepared. I strongly recommend everyone trying to dress up for a test. Since doing so I have seen a rise in my test grades and decline in my nervousness!

chambray dress

This is a denim frayed edge dress from my happy place, a.k.a Target. The shoes are peep toe tan booties from Steve Madden. I accessorized with tortoise baby hoops, my brown and rose gold Daniel Wellington watch, and even though the silver does not coordinate, I will not leave the house without my Pandora mother of pearl ring from my lovely significant other. If you are feeling in a slump wake up early and get dressed up! I promise you will feel like you can tackle anything that day throws at you, even the Monday blues!


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