Dorm Sweet Dorm

As a sophomore in college, living in a dorm is far from ideal. I am a college student who comes from a single mom household and am proud to say I am paying for my own education. The decision of living in a dorm was made for me. I would receive less financial aid if I lived off-campus so I decided to settle for the dorm life. Luckily, I live in an apartment-style dorm and I have my own room. The room is small so it was not easy making the room comfortable and easily accessible. My dorm decor has come from a little bit of everywhere. It came from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, Walmart, Marshall’s, and of course some DIY Pinterest projects! I decided I would try something new and open up my humble abode to you all! room 1.JPG

This white bookshelf was purchased at Target. it is decorated with some DIY framed pictures, a pom pom basket from Home Goods, a Lilly Pulitzer jewelry tray, and my personal favorite, pineapple bookends from Target.

room 2

This shows my desk which is provided by the university with my homework necessities, my whale chalkboard, my blue picture board, a desk chair cover my mom made, and you can even see my real succulents in the corner!

room 3.JPG

This is my bed and the pictures to the side of it and above it. The cardboard cut out elephant is from Charlottesville. The other two pictures next to it came from Francesca’s. The pom pom garland is from Target as well as the gold sticker polka dots. The quatrefoil picture is from Homegoods, the Love you to the Moon and Back sign is from Marshall’s, and the pillows are from here, there, and a little bit of everywhere!

room 4

This is the shelf next to my bed. The elephant lamp is from Walmart and the gold pineapple picture is from Francesca’s.

room 5

At the foot of my bed I have a small white shelf from Target. On it is a pink pineapple lamp from Marshall’s, a painted ceramic elephant, my senior picture, and some blowflower candle votives. Above is another cardboard cutout from Charlottesville and the big canvas below is from Home Goods.

room 6

Next to my room door and my closet door are these two burlap lined pictures depicting funny aspects of southern culture.

room 7

Here is the mirror on the back of my closet lined with elephants a friend made me. The two pictures on the left are both from Francesca’s.

room 8

This is the view of my room when you walk in. I have two rugs which are both from Target.

room 9

This is the DIY wall!

room 10.JPG

Above my door is a pennant flag from my hometown. I then got the idea on Pinterest to get white twine and cute glitter clothespins to hang my favorite koozies!

room 11.JPG

Just a better view of my lofted bed and art surrounding my bed!


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